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Creative Design + Typography

The Enlightenment – a book about quotes from aspiring figures from different times. This was a very type-based project in that the very design of the book was based on the typography. Even the arrangements of the letters were turned into large typographic letters to form words — whilst remaining the focal point.

The Quotes of life draws inpsiration from the many great leaders who once lived; stating their words as a way of life. I decided that to really communicate the idea, I had to have huge contrasts. Hence why I used candles to illuminate a dark room. After taking pictures of just the candles, I imported them into indesign where I added text to them.

To finish up the presentation of this piece, it was printed on smooth card paper which soaked up the ink in a very fine manner. Then it was roughed up by actual stress testing the papers on everyday kind of objects. The result came out great. The final thing to do was to burn the edges of some pages to seal reality into the project.

Created working under PIOLABS REEL Agency, the owner of project.

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