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Tulip Festival

Creative Design + Advertising

The Canadian Tulip Festival — established in 1972 to celebrate the historic Royal gift of tulips from the Dutch to Canadians immediately following the Second World War as a symbol of international friendship.

The main goal of this campaign was to create compelling designs that matched the chosen brand colour for that year. That colour was purple — a sign of royalty and grace. production of info materials such as flyers, event handbooks, map designs and full website creation. Main task was the website and map design. The website was a simple yet effective multi page site where users were redirected with links that served as anchors to their desired information. Captures both customer information and user payment, all which where done using up to date developement standards. The map required a few items on the page that made my job even more enjoyable than I could've imagined. It had legends, directional arrows showing where the user had to go and much more. Customers were highly pleased with the results.

Created working under Karma Dharma Agency, the owner of project.

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